21st SGConnect Covid-19 Forum: Negotiating in the real world (Oct 31, 2020)


Trick or treat?
Negotiating in the real world!
Coming up at this Saturday’s 21st SGConnect Covid-19 Forum at 8-9.30pm PT.


Whether you're bargaining for candy, negotiating your raise or selling your house - are you getting what you think you deserve? We negotiate all the time and, especially during this Covid-19 period, many of us are navigating new circumstances at work and home. 
We are pleased to have Anuj Jagannathan (anujjagannathan.com), author of the Amazon bestseller "Negotiation Quotient" and "We Can Negotiate Too!". His keen interest in negotiation and a passion for teaching and writing has led him to host webinars and workshops on negotiation across the world. He also hosts webinars or training on negotiation for kids and young adults -- and writes blogs and articles on happiness, personal development and success.
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