SGConnect Covid-19 Forum #23: Are vaccines ready?


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Vaccines! Are they ready?

There has been quite a bit of excitement from recent news on the Covid-19 vaccine development front. Many of us have been hoping for successful vaccine(s) to be able to put this pandemic behind us and return to some sense of normalcy. But there may be nagging questions about what safe and effective vaccines really mean in the light of the unprecedented pace of development. 
We are pleased to have for our 23rd Forum a speaker who has extensive exposure and experience on the subject of viruses and vaccines. He will present a data-driven update on the progress of the Covid-19 vaccine candidates, discuss the concerns you may have, and take your questions.

Here's a snapshot of the questions we've received so far:

  • 1) How can I help a poor person in another country to receive the vaccine the same time as I do?
  • (2) If a company makes vaccination mandatory for all its employees, does one have a legal right to opt out?
  • Are there any concerns that companies are using mRNA based vaccines rather than the traditional types of vaccines?
  • Should vaccination be optional if you choose to opt for safe distancing and/or mask wearing?
  • Should we be concerned about the long term effects (if any) of the Covid 19 vaccine, given the lack of such data currently for any Covid 19 vaccine? Are the various Covid 19 vaccines able to confer long term immunity, i.e. trigger memory T cells? Is there a comparison chart of the various Covid 19 vaccines from different countries that are in the pipeline, e.g nature of the antigen, adjuvant, side effects etc?
  • The vaccines don't promise to limit transmission at this point. Should we be concerned if they only help stop severe cases but not transmission?
  • What are the typical serious side effects?
  • What implications will a 80-90% efficacy rate have on working life going forward?
  • What percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated to allow us to safely mingle normally.
  • When will pediatric vaccines be available?
  • Yes, what is the likely effect of these particular vaccines on people who have already had covid19? Is there a possibility this could be like dengue fever and second exposure is more lethal?
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See you Saturday, 5 Dec 20, 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm PT! 
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