SingaporeConnect National Day Parade Watch Party (Aug 21 2021)


Dear Members,

Over 800 people registered, and at least 700 showed up online or in-person for the SingaporeConnect National Day Party on Aug 7! We've had lots of positive feedback and are pleased to announce we're going to do a National Day Parade Watch Party on Aug 21, 2021 - lunch time.

And there's food too! Same $10 subsidised price, thanks to our sponsors.
Our partnering restaurants this time will be: Dabao Singapore, Shiok Singapore Kitchen, Seasons Kitchen, and Killiney Kopitiam.
Pick-up only for Saturday, 8/21/21 lunch: 11 am PT

Watch Party over Zoom from 8/21/21 12 pm PT onwards. *

And.. there will be more mugs too: for early birds at the pick-up.**

Registration Info to come.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their support.


* For an idea how fun that was in 2020, check out this video: - we had a pretty active Zoom chat stream going. Also, we're banking there will be a parade replay by then, as we don't know what time the parade starts on Aug 21 SGT, but it will definitely end before the watch party and if the parade was going to be SGT evening time, it will be early morning Aug 21 which won't work for a watch party.

** For those who want to purchase and ship, we're still working out details, so no commits yet on that.

on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee
A social club for food, fun, and friends!




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