SingaporeConnect Covid-19 Forums: update on future topics


Dear Members,

We've been working on future forums and the top three topics requested are tax, insurance and financial planning.
Please reach out if you have familiarity, especially with the last topic, and would like to share with our community. The topic is highly requested.

Past forums are viewable on our Youtube channel:

Other topics we're working on include an update on vaccine development, making Singaporean desserts at home, and, digging into our arts side, something we've been trying to get hold of for months given her busy schedule, a session with a Singapore-based actress, singer, radio DJ, talk show host, theatre lecturer, with a topic possibly on using your voice and presenting.

Do share any additional thoughts on topics you'll like to see, comments, and if you can help, in any way, at:

Thank you, and stay safe and healthy.
on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee
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