SingaporeConnect Forum #28: Supporting the Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing of Children (5/1/21)


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SingaporeConnect is pleased to present our 28th SingaporeConnect Forum:

Supporting the Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing of Children 

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Is your child stressed?

How should you foster his/her mental health well being, and design summer activities to help?

Join us for a special session with Licensed Educational Psychologist Dr Siao-Charn Ling ( this Saturday, 1 May at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET where she will cover:

- how to recognise mental health distress vs. regular stress

- statistics for mental health diagnoses in children

- how stress/anxiety manifest in children

- some potential causes for stress

You may also be interested to see Forum #5 which was on Mental Health, though more pertaining to adults:

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