Appreciation for Pam and JK


Dear Members,

We would like to put together an appreciative montage for Pam and JK.
JK moved back to Singapore about two years ago, effectively leaving the SingaporeConnect committee.
Pam has indicated her desire to retire after more than 15 years of volunteer service.
We have great appreciation for JK and Pam, for their long years of loving, passionate, and sincere help towards SingaporeConnect.
They have not just volunteered for SingaporeConnect, but helped put in place a culture that will live with us and the future committee members to come.
We would like to put together a montage of appreciative messages, photos, or even videos, if you have any, to share towards this and present it to Pam and JK. 
Would you like to share? Please use the link below to send in the messages or upload any photos or videos.

Thank you,
On behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee