Digital Chingay 2021


Dear Members,

Highlighting Chingay will be held digitally this year. Here is some information about the event. We at SingaporeConnect are looking in whether there may be a Watch Party event that we can be part of. 

More info below ---

Greetings from the Chingay Team! 

2021 will be a special year as we present our very first DIGITAL CHINGAY and invite people from all walks of life to join us in co-creating Chingay to bring hope and cheer to the community. Starting from 16 November 2020, there will be a series of engagement activities under the umbrella of “Jalan Jalan With Chingay” that the community can participate in co-creating our Chingay; leading to a highpoint special webcast/telecast on Saturday, 20 Feb 2021 from 8.00pm to 9.00pm. We hope that through Singapore Global Network, we can invite Singaporeans living overseas to participate in our co-creation activities and be a part of this First-Ever Digital Chingay. Some of the activities they can be involved include:

1. We’ve Got Talent! Hashtag Challenge
A chance for our community to come together as a family, group of friends, neighbours, team members to showcase their talents and creative works that aims to bring cheer and hope to others in the community. We invite Singaporeans living overseas to also record and share their 1-min creative video. They can even co-create their videos with their family members and friends living in Singapore. They can showcase any type of talents and the video can be filmed using their mobile phones. Simply follow these 3 simple steps to share your video with us.

1. Tag us on Chingay Facebook @PAssion Chingay Club or Instagram @ChingaySingapore.
2. Hashtag #ChingaySG2021 #WeGotTalent2021 with your video submissions on your public account.
3. Send your video from 16 November to 31 December 2020 to stand a chance to be featured in the special webcast.

2. Sing With Me!
Be a part of this collective voices from the community singing “As I Believe” to bring cheer, hope and belief that we are Stronger Together. We hope to feature some Singaporeans living overseas in this montage of voices of people from all walks of life together with our first responders, medical staff, service staff, migrant workers and the men and women on the streets. They can record themselves singing or sing with a group of family/friends and submit the videos via our Chingay<> between 16 November 2020 to 31 December 2020 to stand a chance to be featured in the special webcast.

3. Chingay Watch Parties

Despite being away from Singapore, we hope that they can also feel the cheer, joy and hope that Chingay 2021 aims to bring to everyone locally and overseas. We encourage the Singaporeans living overseas to host a thematic Chingay Watch Party^, physically or virtually, with their family members, friends or neighbours where they can all come together to watch the Chingay 2021 Special Webcast on Saturday, 20 Feb 2021 from 8.00pm to 9.00pm. There will be a bunch of fun activities during the webcast that they can participate in!
^please observe any prevailing safety measures guidelines in respective countries at all times

4. Other Activities
More activities like designing your own virtual Chingay float and costumes can also be found on the official Chingay website<>. Please do also support and visit the online Chingay Mama Shop which feature local designs and products for sale. #supportlocal

More details on the series of activities can also be found in the information kit attached or on our Chingay official website from 16 November onwards. We can also share EDMs on the programmes for easier dissemination.

on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee
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