Get Great Food! Aidil Fitri Celebration -- 22 May Saturday 5 pm (PT)


Dear Members,

Makan Together!
From rendang to sambal skate to nasi rawon, our participating food vendors have it all! We have Halal and non-Halal options prepared and special individual and family bundle promos, check them out here today! You can order any time - but the best time to enjoy this is right after our Aidil Fitri celebration this Saturday, May 22, from 5 pm - 6 pm (PT) | 8 pm -  pm (ET).

If you haven't already registered, why not join us?

Celebrate Together!
Come enjoy music performances by Haniza Zainal Abidin, ketupat weaving and song and sharing.
Join, even if you're not Malay, Muslim, or never attended a Hari Raya or Aidil Fitri type of event before.
Get introduced to the rich culture of our Malay and Indonesian community
There will be prizes to be won!

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