SingaporeConnect In-Person Event Survey Results


Dear Members,

On May 31, we sent out a survey to explore the sentiment amongst all for in-person events. 

As more folks in the SF Bay Area get vaccinated, we're looking forward to eventual in-person events. These may be limited and outdoors at first.
Yet, after experiencing a year of online events, as we've gotten better at doing them, we wonder what good things you may find about them such that they should continue. For example, they can have more geographical reach.
What are your thoughts about when and what is appropriate? What would you like to see in future events? you for supporting us through the last 15 months as we held a series of over twenty online events to keep our community connected. We look forwarding seeing you soon at an event.

This survey was in the works since early April when we first thought there might be a glimmer of hope for in-person events by the end of the year. Over the course of April and May, we watched as vaccination rates have gone up and cases down in the US and especially the SF Bay Area. We've also seen some people start to meet up in-person, in small groups, over meals, private gatherings, and such, and sensed the increasing comfort with seeing each another in-person. Yet, we don't know how many people are comfortable with coming to larger-scale events. We also want to be sure that we do such events in a climate where we have a strong majority in support, i.e. we should not be seen as taking a risky position, health and safety-wise. As such, we released the survey in late May, to get a sense of your thoughts, for SingaporeConnect in-person events in Fall 2021.

Here is an analysis of the survey and the outcome:

You can view the PDF for the full report. Here's the conclusion:

For the first set of events, we’ll like to work with what the majority (> 50%) of the respondents are comfortable with. This would be:

  • OK to do in-person events in Fall 2021 in the SF Bay Area (based on expectation of the Covid-19 situation by then).

  • Outdoor events

  • < 40 people

  • Masking mandatory except when eating/drinking

  • Safe distancing advised (if you need to enter within 2 m of another household, please politely ask if it is OK instead of assuming) - we may use coloured wrist-bands (green, yellow, red) to indicate preferences with distancing

  • Allow consensual mingling between households (just ask, don’t assume; or see wristbands) 

  • OK for us to ask if attendees are fully vaccinated (though it seems based on numbers, we can assume most should be)

About right? Too conservative? Too aggressive? You can continue to fill in the survey, to add to the sample points. We can also evaluate the answers over time. However, if we want to do an in-person event as early as August, the time to start planning will be in July, so it will be good to all the feedback by then. We hope you're excited and many, if not all, of you have started resuming various activities as the Bay Area has been re-opening - Jun 15 is the checkpoint, after all! But as always, please continue to take all health and safety precautions around Covid-19 seriously.

on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee
A social club for food, fun, and friends!