SingaporeConnect National Day Parade Watch Party (Aug 21 2021) - Food ticket sales start today 7 pm


Dear Members,

NDP2021 Watch Party
Aug 21, 2021: 11 am food pick-ups | 12 pm - 1.30 pm Zoom meet-up

Register for online-only now. Pre-purchase food starting at 8/18/21 7 pm:


Over 800 people registered, and at least 700 showed up online or in-person for the SingaporeConnect National Day Party on Aug 7! We've had lots of positive feedback and are pleased to announce we're going to do a National Day Parade Watch Party on Aug 21, 2021 - lunch time.

And there's food too! Same $10 subsidised price, thanks to our sponsors.
Our partnering restaurants this time will be: Dabao Singapore, Shiok Singapore Kitchen, Seasons Kitchen, and Killiney Kopitiam.
Pick-up only for Saturday, 8/21/21 lunch: 11 am PT

Watch Party over Zoom from 8/21/21 12 pm PT onwards. *

And.. there will be more mugs too: for early birds at the pick-up.**
Thank you to all our sponsors for their support.


* For an idea how fun that was in 2020, check out this video: - we had a pretty active Zoom chat stream going.

** For those who want to purchase and ship, we're still working out details, so no commits yet on that.

on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee
A social club for food, fun, and friends!