Tonight: SingaporeConnect 29th Forum: Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL)


Dear Members,

After looking at all the Q&A we saw a lot of interest in VTLs. In the interest of time, we'll focus the upcoming Forum only on VTLs and do one on vaccines later.

We will have representatives from the Singapore Consulate in SF, Singapore Airlines, and individuals who have travelled from US to Singapore via the VTL recently. 

Thank you.

*** Vaccinated Travel Lanes: How to use? ***
When the pandemic shut down Singapore's borders behind a SHN wall for citizens and PRs, and limited access for all other nationalities, many waited patiently for the right time to travel, perhaps to visit friends and family back home.  
At last! After almost 19 months, you can fly to Singapore from USA without a quarantine aka SHN at SDF
But how to book?
Know how to get your digitally verifiable certificate? 
What else should you look for?
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29th SingaporeConnect Forum: Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL)
See you Saturday, 30 Oct 21, 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm PT! 

*** About the SingaporeConnect Forums ***
It started in March 2020, to quickly connect the community with news and updates around Covid-19. It became a regular gathering with new topics over the course of 2020 to early 2021. We said around May, that we would take a break as society generally re-opened in Summer 2021, whilst having two large events in between: Aidil Fitri, and National Day. 
We've heard from some that they rather like these online Forums too as they been accessible ways to stay connected with interesting speakers, other Singaporeans and friends, wherever you are. We're pleased to be resuming the SingaporeConnect Forums, starting this month.

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