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Suggestions from Members

To/Fro Singapore

i've heard that past few batches of Singaporean military folks (that spend a year in Monterey) have used

I was using Transparent International.

friend's bad experience with shipping company to add to your database

I got this quote from a online shipping quote/review website where people can put in their information and shippers will contact you. This company is basically a broker, they will get a local mover (can't recall the guys helping out in San Jose) and a overseas mover(Tiger Mobility in Singapore) Overall experience was pleasant, but worried as the website looks a bit dodgy. lol

Some other companies i was comparing with.

1. uPackWeShip

Lots of packing you need to do, can be done before they come and pick it up.

2. SevenSeas Worldwide International MoveCubes

Only can do loading within a few hours, unless you know exactly how much you need it's going to be challenging. Depending on how much you are shipping, if just a few items, maybe upakweship and sevens seas are good enough. I have also heard that relocation can be used to offset the taxable amount for paying taxes in US, something to be reminded of.

Vanpac Group Asia helped us w our move from Sg a year ago. Prompt, personal, and reliable. Super professional. Even gave us makan recommendations in the Bay area before we moved.

My recent round trip from US ->SG was , SG->US was . Collins was the company that blue horizon contracted with to handle the SG side logistics. For the return trip we contacted Collins and their quote was much cheaper, basically Blue Horizon’s USD price but in SGD 😁

Collins contracted with to handle the US side logistics delivery to our door

You can try vpost and see if they offer a cheaper rate for you. I have used them in the past and they worked fine, but you need to follow their instructions for shipping:

Local Movers in Bay Area

We have used Aaron moving multiple times and our experience have been good.

Hi anyone else looking to relocate back to Singapore.  

These are my personal contacts.  I work with them for my own logistics and they're both incredible at getting the job done and more importantly, done well.   You can let them know that I recommended them to you (they both sent me an email to confirm they can support you and anyone in need to relocate out of the Bay Area or anywhere for that matter)

Please see their information below (both of them also connect with each other)

🌟 Martijn Blumenthal

Bloom International Relocations, Inc.

1250 Van Dyke Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94124

Ph: 415-822-7155



🌟Guddy Sandhu

Senior Shipping Manager

Collin’s Movers Pte Ltd
 22 Jurong Port Road

 Singapore 619114
 Tel: +65 6873 9595
 Fax: +65 6774 4156

 DID: +65 6643 1690

Hope it helps! 💛

I just used Seven Seas, they sent boxes over (with free tape and marker and (very little) bubble wrap) and had someone come to pick up the boxes. Totalled about 800USD for 4 huge-luggage-sized boxes and will take about 10weeks to ship. Would recommend calling rather than online, since the person on the other side was really helpful about general tips and advice. Will only receive my stuff in Feb tho so can’t say much about the care they put towards shipping

I think the major known ones are Asian Tigers and Allied Pickford - very good but they’re more costly And others I've heard of are Santa Fe and Collins 

For shipping to Singapore, my friend runs this, and the prices are quite competitive:

For shipping within the US, and internationally, I've heard people rave about - but have not personally used them. My bf loves this website. It’s much easier to use than other sites

we have used this website before to compare quotes

 have anyone heard of packagehopper?  It's a package delivery consolidator that gets bulk rate with major shipping companies like FedEx.

Shipping within US

I used this when I relocated from Ithaca to the Bay Area 😊

my friends used this service and were generally quite happy:

I used One Move twice. They are great. Highly rated on yelps! Pricing is reasonable. Other places were giving me much higher estimates. Very good service! I will use this company again for my next move.