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SGN WhatsApp Groups:

There are three large WhatsApp groups covering the main geographical areas in the SF Bay Area (mid-Pen may either by in SF or South Bay, around the Redwood City division). These are informally administered by the regional director for Singapore Global Network (SGN), David Ho.

To join these please message David (SGN) Ho as the groups are full (WhatsApp has a 257 member per group limit) and he will need to remove a group member (likely someone who has left the area) to add you in.

  1. SF Singaporeans 2
  2. SG East Bayers!
  3. South Bay Singaporeans 2
  4. Los Angeles (see David for info)

Community WhatsApp Groups:

There are also some smaller groups covering special interests. 

  1. South Bay Families
  2. South Bay SG Foodies (by Invitation, see Maison for info)

Slack Workspaces

There are Slack Workspaces with multiple channels within for specific topics such as makan.

1. South Bay Singaporeans

2. SF Singaporeans!

Telegram Groups

These are owned by SGN HQ in Singapore, and administered by Nadirah Rahman. They are not specifically for the SF Bay Area.

1. Main SGN Channel

2. North American Channel

Facebook Pages

Pages are public (and if you're a Facebook user, you can choose to "follow" a page). The SingaporeConnect Facebook Page will be used by SingaporeConnect admins to post announcements on events.

1. SingaporeConnect Facebook Page:

Facebook Groups

Groups are private. You need to be a Facebook user to join a private group and only then can you see the content. The SingaporeConnect Facebook Group is open to members posting, subject to some rules, and will be used by SingaporeConnect to post photos of an event. There are also other Facebook groups in the area.

1. SingaporeConnect Facebook Group:

2. Bay Area Tech Singaporeans:

3. SF Bay Area Singaporeans:

4. Singaporean Parents in Silicon Valley:

5. Overseas Singaporeans Network: