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What's the difference between SingaporeConnect, Contact Singapore, Overseas Singaporean Unit?

You can look at it as a system dynamics sort of circle, where OSU and Contact Singapore seek to link the Government in Singapore to overseas Singaporeans and people who wish to work and study in Singapore. Meanwhile, SingaporeConnect is a grassroots, non-proft, relatively casual-based organisation to host events because it's nice to mix around with Singaporeans now and then.





Does SingaporeConnect receive any funding?

No, not automatically. SingaporeConnect used to receive some annual funding from the Singapore International Foundation but not since 2008. The operating funds for SingaporeConnect since then have come from donations from our volunteer committee, registration payments per-event, and the occasional sponsorship/grants that are sought on a case-by-case basis for each event.

Here's another way to look at the organisations that will relate to your presence in the Bay Area.






SingaporeConnect, SABA, NTU-AA, etc.

Full Name

Overseas Singaporean Unit

Contact Singapore

Consulate General



Help overseas Singaporeans stay in touch with Singapore, for example via newsletters and discount passes, bringing Singaporean entertainers and speakers to your city, and major events like Singapore Day

Help connect foreigners and Singaporeans alike to job and study opportunities in Singapore

Help overseas Singaporeans renew their passport, process visas for foreigners to visit Singapore, and help Singaporeans if they need special assistance

Help Singaporeans and friends staying in each overseas city connect together over social and business events, like potlucks, dinner functions, sports, and family gatherings

Supported by

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

Economic Development Board (EDB)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Local Singaporeans in your area


Taxpayer money

Taxpayer money

Taxpayer money

Local support (qualified events may be subsidised by OSU, CS, or CG on a case-by